Who We Are?

Cyber Fix Security is a trusted company for your computer needs with over 17 years of experience (since 1998) in Virus Removal and fixing various computer problems. Our Technical Support Agents can confidently handle the myriad of computer problems that home users and small businesses face on a daily basis. We understand just how frustrating technology issues can be. Think of us as your own personal Technical Support Team operating right here in Canada, without the excessive cost!

We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of our customers. We provide legendary computer repair service through online remote access and field service, our Technical Support Agents work hard to build a relationship with our clients and pride ourselves on fixing your computer. 

Why choose Cyber Fix Security?

The cornerstone relationship between Cyber Fix Security and its clients is trust. In an industry where Technical Support companies appear and disappear just as quickly, our longevity and strength comes from the relationship and trust we build with our customers. Our first priorities are the needs of our customers and delivering our service with integrity and professionalism. This includes making sure you have the right software to protect and keep your computer running at a maximum capacity. Another way we work to make you our priority is in our search for qualified consultants to provide you with the best Technical Support on this side of Canada.

Our expert knowledge of the industries we serve is compounded by our successful history in the Computer industry. When it comes to filling that crucial need of getting your computer up and running, you can have complete confidence that we are going to deliver quality, efficiency and value.

Cyber Fix Security's Technical Support Agents will do a preliminary interview with you to clearly define what is necessary to get your computer running again and better understand your needs.

Is Remote Support safe?

During your safe and secure guaranteed online computer repair session you will be able to observe all computer repairs that our technician performs live by watching your computers screen. Your mouse icon will move around on your computer screen as our technician fixes the issue and/or optimizes your system for peak performance. Beware of companies that black out your screen while they "work". You will see everything we do want to know more about the workings of your system? This is a great opportunity as you can watch and learn something you can't do when you drop your computer off at a repair shop. Feel free to use the built in chat window, present during the entire process, to ask questions of your technician. You will also be provided with your technicians direct phone number so communication is never an issue. Even though the technician is moving your mouse you can assume control at any time. You see everything the technician is doing. Our online computer repair connection is bank strength encrypted so no breach of security is possible. When we finish we will not be able to connect to your computer again unless you contact us and receive a new connection code. This entire process keeps you in complete control at all times.

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