Here are some frequently asked questions and answers

Q: How much does a computer repair service cost?

A: The service fee varies depending on the amount of problems or issues we are going to fix in your computer. However, most of our customers only pay our featured set up fee and the monthly service agreement.

Q: When repairing my computer, can you still retrieve the saved files in it?

A: Of course, along with our computer repair services, we also have data recovery services that will ensure your files are safe. And, we have expert technicians that can retrieved saved files and enhance the performance of your computers.

Q: Need Fast Turnaround Time?

A: Unlike the services offered by local computer repair shops, Cyber Fix Security Remote Technical Support offers a fast turnaround time for their repair services. Working with an online repair shop eliminates the time needed to unplug a computer, wait for it to be picked up from your office or home. If we can fix your specific PC issue, we do it very fast and right in front of your eyes.

Q: Do I have to remove Spyware, Adware, Virus and Malware?

A: With the ever increasing advancement in technology, malicious programs are created every single day. These are harmful programs that can cause your computer to stop working. Unfortunately, there is no single software that can act as a solution for finding and removing all malicious programs installed on your system. Therefore, in order to remove viruses, malware, adware and spyware from your computer, reliable computer repair services make use of a number of utilities to scan your system and remove the specific programs. The utilities used ensure that only the malicious program is removed without wiping your computer and rendering it non-functional

Q: How do I know if my PC needs "Tune Up"?

A: Have you ever experienced a slow start up, messages popping up unexpectedly, or even your computer displaying a message telling you that you are running low on your HDD's (Hard Disk Drive) available space? Does your computer freeze when you try to shut it down? These are signs that your laptop or desktop is in need of a health check up or service.

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