Drone Video and Photography Packages

Cyber Fix Security offers a comprehensive spectrum of services utilizing professional aerial video and photography drone technology. In Canada, aerial video is increasingly becoming more popular for real estate, weddings as well as surveying applications. Similarly, aerial photography in Canada is being adopted by real estate agents, surveyors, disaster recovery companies and mapping companies. Drone produced aerial photography and video services are cost effective compared to the conventional full-scale aerial vehicle produced services.





Cyber Fix Security professional aerial photography in Barrie and area. Whether it is aerial photography for real estate, weddings, design or art purposes we have the right equipment and expertise for the job!

Aerial video for commercial and personal clients. Whether you need an extra angle on a film set or want a truly unique wedding video Cyberfixsecurity's brings years of industry leading experience.

Commercial aerial mapping for both local and national locations. Cyberfixsecurity's utilizes low technology drone technology relative to conventional helicopter or airplane alternatives.

Professional aerial surveying services. Whether you are looking for territory surveying, geological or urban planning surveying Cyberfixsecurity's can provide a cost effective solution.

Starting at $399.99+tx

Starting at $599.99+tx

Starting at $799.99+tx

Starting at $799.99+tx

Regulations in Canada

1. Filming with a UAV is regulated by Transport Canada: The rules of use are laid out in the Canadian Air Regulations. Any production company requiring footage from a UAV will need to have their operator obtain a Special Operation Flight Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada. This is probably the most misunderstood area of UAV filming. The CARs state in Section 602.41 that no person shall operate an unmanned air vehicle in flight except in accordance with a Special Flight Operation Certificate.

When does any remote-controlled aircraft helicopter or multicopter become a UAV? When the work is done for hire and reward. The Aeronautics Act defines hire and reward as "any payment, consideration, gratuity or benefit, directly or indirectly charged, demanded, received or collected by any person for the use of an aircraft."

If the operator you are working with can’t or won’t submit an SOFC application, stay away. You may be breaking the law and any violation of the CARs can bring substantial penalties: up to $5000 for an individual and a corporate penalty of $25,000. Not to mention the liability issues if something goes wrong.

2. Obtaining a SFOC is the operator’s responsibility: Transport Canada requires 20 days notice, the SOFC application is an involved document that provides airspace knowledge, emergency procedure and ATC communication if required. (This would require a radio licence from the operator if they are in an airport control zone, which is 5Nm around most controlled airports and more around larger ones such as Pearson).

3. Know your local laws: While operation of a UAV is legal in Canada legally under the Special Operations Flight Certificate, it is sill illegal to commercially operate a UAV in the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering allowing commercial UAV use in 2015.